Saturday, June 27, 2009

Okay Why Not

So I got home last night, settled into my after work, chill state and I got the call, "You wanna meet us at the horses?" took me a second to figure out what the hell Amy was talking was opening day at Santa Anita, and Amy and her hubby, (Sexy Bitch for those that don't remember) were feelin' the pull. Now there I was, sipping on a glass of

could have, should have stayed home, but....I had never been, and something inside me was itching to cause a little trouble so

Not as much fun as I thought it would be. I'm not really a gambler, there were tons of kids there, (and can I just say, if you are getting your vice on...leave yer rug rats at home. I'm standing there watching these "grown ups" get sloppy, lose their shirts, scream...spit flying, bulging eyes..the whole deal, and these toddlers are running all over the place, skeeved me out) and the race itself was like less than a minute long. Seems like a lot of nothing if you ask me, but the drinks were wicked strong and we felt a little like royality, we paid the fancy $8.00 parking, (right up front) and seeing that Amy and I have all our teeth, well...we felt like super models.

Amy was being good, I was after a few

I knew I had better get some food. Now the grub at the racetrack, pretty grim and the boys seemed pretty done with losing money, (this is were Sexy Bitch and I are kindred souls, if we are gonna go out, it better involve more than a few drinks....a few hours and the chance of a cab ride home is likely) so figuring out where to eat had one stipulation....cocktails. So we ended up at

Yeah, the racetrack and Hof's Hut just another raging night for yours truly. The good news? I think I am still drunk and I have this half bottle of

Gonna be a long ass day, but least I have some strawberries and minerals in my moistureless mouth. Sigh.


Ron Washam, HMW said...

Gorgeous Sam,

Oh, those lucky strawberry and minerals...

I used to frequent Santa Anita many years ago when it was a very popular weekend attraction. Now it's largely as abandoned as a Republican Governor's wife. It's fun when you win and largely stupid when you don't.

Have a lovely day, Darling. A million kisses your way.

Your HoseMaster

vickibarkley said...

By the time I'm reading this, I'm sure you're well on your way to work. But, I'll see you at the tasting today, and hope your hangover is soon cured by something delicious. On a more scientific note, having just watched "Kinsey," I'm thanking you for your field research last night. Now that I feel like I've been, I don't have to go! I like to think of your exploits as part public service, part human guinea pig, and part voyeuristic indulgence for your readers.

Nancy Deprez said...

Yeah, I agree with you - racetrack not as fun as it could be. Many other outings I could think of that are nicer! Oh well, you get the experience!

And HoseMaster, funny comment about the "largely as abandoned as a Republican Governor's wife." Love it.

Samantha Dugan said...

Ron My Love,
The track was a bit depressing, may have just been where we were sitting but, it felt like we had landed smack dab in the middle of a "resisting evolution" meeting...would rather have been hanging out with a Republican Governor, that is saying A LOT.

That bottle of Joguet Chinon Rose went a long way in making the day suck less, that stuff was wicked! My pleasre, (or pain as it sometimes turns out) on the research front, your comment was a nice twist on an old memory. Years ago my Mom said, "It's like you have this, Svengali thing working for you" which of course I had to look up, (amazing how when you are in the 10th grade and think, "this is stupid...I don't need school" the shit that you find out you DON'T know later) and while at the time I thought it was wicked cool, later that kept popping in my head...and I didn't love it, your comment will replace that one...makes me feel less evil (big grin).

Yeah, I was expecting something more Vegas like....well or Reno at least, it was not. Hell, I had more fun at the casino in Hemet!

Arthur said...

You sound like you might have had a better time at the Arboretum - across the street.
My daughter loves going there.

Samantha Dugan said...

Did your daughter mention how strong the drinks are? (grin)